Created by John Jackson
Dec 10, 2017

Asta Ponwerproject has a great many features not found elsewhere to recommend it. Some of the most frequent accolades form Construction Professionals about Asta Powerproject is the ability to compare any two schedules to view differences. It has never been easier to compare differences between different versions of a consruction schedule. Simply select the two construction schedules to compare and view your results.

Asta Powerproject users also enjoy the licensing choices and associated flexability. Asta Powerproject provides several styles of licensing choices, however the most desired options allow for several contractors to use Asta Powerproject at the same time coinciding (or shared) liceses. this selection allows a company to purchase the amount of licenses that may be used at any given time, despite the amount of total users. Some plans allow the application may be installed on multiple machines that all link to a central machine on the internal company network. However the amount of users allowed to access the application at one time relies on the amount of coinciding licenses purchased.

Many new users of Asta Powerproject are pleasantly surprised that the shared licenses are a cost-effective solution for their construction scheduling needs. This type of configuration is beneficial for construction project teams that may need to use a construction scheduling program on occasion, but the organizations needs may not yet require the purchase of a full-time license for each user.

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