Intro to Construction Scheduling with ElecosoftPowerproject

Construction Scheduling with Powerproject Training Manual Chapters

  1. Getting Started with Asta Powerproject
    • Asta Basics
    • Viewing your Schedule in Asta Powerproject
    • The Powerproject Menu Toolbars
  2. Creating a new project in Powerproject
    • Creating a new Project
    • Saving a file
    • Closing a project
    • Exiting Asta Powerproject
    • Building Blocks of a Project Schedule
  3. Setting up Calendars
    • To display a list of Calendars
    • To select a calendar you wish to use as default
    • Calendar screen review
    • Adding exemptions
    • Exercise: Create Project Calendars
  4. Creating a Project Organization Structure
    • Creating summary tasks
    • Opening and closing summary tasks
    • Adding and Removing tasks into Summary Groups
    • Removing Summary Tasks
    • Using the project view to navigate your project
    • Summary bar level formatting
  5. Adding Tasks
    • Creating Tasks in the Spreadsheet
    • Milestones
    • Inserting Bars
    • Creating Expanded Tasks
    • Task-per-line-mode
    • Moving and editing tasks
    • Moving bars vertically
    • Setting Activity Defaults
  6. Linking Tasks – Adding Logic
    • Link types
    • Drawing links with lag time
    • Moving/Editing Links
    • Block linking
    • Link tasks mode
    • Cross Chart linking
    • Linking tasks without drawing on the Bar Chart
    • The Wild Card
  7. Managing Tasks and Groups
    • Copy Tasks and Bars
    • Task Pools
    • Copy and Paste Summary Tasks
    • Hammock Tasks
    • Buffer Tasks
    • Hiding Tasks
  8. Rescheduling a Project Schedule
    • Changing a project start date
  9. Assigning Constraints
    • Adding a constraint
    • Types of constraints
    • Reschedule results (Float)
    • Run a Filter for the Critical Path

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