Schedule Validator Pro Features Welcome to another short Schedule Validator schedule analyzer tutorial. In this video we will cover some of the Schedule Validator Professional features. Schedule Validator Profession includes all of features available in the Essentials version with the addition of some great features for analysing and reporting on your construction schedule.
4 Ways to identify Issues in a Construction Schedule with Schedule Validator ScheduleValidator.com is the only online schedule review tool on the market. Its intuitive interface allows schedulers and claims consultants to ensure schedule technical accuracy, quickly and easily. Simply upload any Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, Phoenix or PowerProject file and validate your schedule now.
Schedule Validator Essentials In this video you will see some of the essential tools of Schedule Validator. Get an overview of our intuitive interface, see how easy it is to import your own schedule, as well as viewing the Schedule Analytics page and more. Many of software packages aimed at construction sschedule management on the market today have some of these great great features and now Schedule Validator brings you all tools you need to need to validate your schedule in an easy to use web app!
6 Reasons to try Asta Powerproject Software part 2
Read the first part of this article here: 6 Reasons to try Asta Powerproject Software Part-1 6 Reasons to try Asta Powerproject Software Asta Includes Flexible Licensing and Deployment Options Unlike other construction project management software platforms, that force you to get a new license for every additional software user you add, adding up to a lot of unnecessary Asta allows you to limit your licenses to the number of people using the software at the same time. This means that you no longer have to choose between paying more for licenses and communicating with your team. To see the[...]
2 Rules for Resolving Construction Delays Part-2

2 Rules for Resolving Construction Delays part-2. Sometimes avoiding construction delays is inevitable. Planning for the possibility of encountering Construction Delays or Disputes should be fully considered. Here are the top. top Rules to resolve or avoid delays

SureTrak Migration SureTrak and P3 were popular project portfolio management (PPM) software solutions created by Primavera Systems, Inc. SureTrak and P3 were designed to support organizations that had project-intensive activates to help them improve the prioritization, and selection of project investments as well as manage, plan, and control projects of virtually any size. On January 1, 2009 Oracle Corporation took legal ownership of Primavera and it’s SureTrak and P3 product lines and used them to build what’s known today as the Primavera P6 Software suite. In December of 2010, the SureTrak and P3 products were shelved by Oracle with an[...]
Asta Powerproject Case Study – Lloyds
Asta Powerproject Case Study – Lloyds The leading third party managing agency at Lloyd’s, Asta, has relied on DOCOsoft’s tried and tested workflow and claims management technology expertise for nearly 10 years. In the early days of their working relationship DOCOsoft ser viced Asta’s bespoke document management needs and built the Lloyd’s Managing Agent a simple system to fulfil this requiremen  
Asta Powerproject Case Study – Encore Electric
Asta Powerproject Case Study – Encore Electric   Regional leader in electrical construction services, Encore Electric, uses Asta Powerproject to determine staffing levels on each job (including the Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences in Denver pictured above), spot potential delays early, and maintain profit margins. The software’s ease of use and quick reporting features help the company stay on track and keep its clients happy
Asta Powerproject Case Study – Shepherd
Asta Powerproject Case Study – Shepherd   Airtight Planning and Programme Management Help Contain challenges in the PirBright Institue Project Shepherd is a leader in the built environment sector, delivering ground-breaking projects and initiatives of national importance bringing added value to its clients. Shepherd offers independent specialist services (construction, engineering services and facilities management) or a totally integrated approach from initial project conception to completion and management.
14 Reasons to use Asta Powerproject
When it comes to managing construction projects you need software you can rely on.If you use the wrong software in a project where there is a contractual arrangement and it is necessary to show cause and effect as well as the impact of progress on the works, you are probably getting the wrong answer - and that could cost you a lot of money! Asta Powerproject was designed to support the way construction planners work and has evolved with their input to meet the requirements of the industry.