Introduction to
Scheduling with Construction Primavera P6
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Introduction to P6

Primavera Overview
The P6 Menus and Toolbars
Viewing your Schedule in P6
The Enterprise Project Structure
And much More!

Creating a Project in P6

Creating a New Project in P6
Scheduling with the WBS

Planning and Scheduling in P6

Viewing Activity Details
The Critical Path
Final Adjustments

Customizing P6

Importing Schedules
Activity CodesGrouping
Sorting, and Filtering
Formatting Layouts
Formatting the Gantt Chart

Updating Your Schedule

Setting a Baseline or Target Schedule
Updating and Scheduling
Preparing Lookaheads
Four Steps to Update
And much More!


Understanding Resources
Creating Resources
Adding Resource Codes
Resource and Roles
Leveling Resources


Customizing Reports
Creating Reports
Printing Layouts and Reports

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