2 Rules for Resolving Construction Delays Part-2

2 Rules for Resolving Construction Delays part-2. Sometimes avoiding construction delays is inevitable. Planning for the possibility of encountering Construction Delays or Disputes should be fully considered. Here are the top. top Rules to resolve or avoid delays

SureTrak Migration SureTrak and P3 were popular project portfolio management (PPM) software solutions created by Primavera Systems, Inc. SureTrak and P3 were designed to support organizations that had project-intensive activates to help them improve the prioritization, and selection of project investments as well as manage, plan, and control projects of virtually any size. On January 1, 2009 Oracle Corporation took legal ownership of Primavera and it’s SureTrak and P3 product lines and used them to build what’s known today as the Primavera P6 Software suite. In December of 2010, the SureTrak and P3 products were shelved by Oracle with an[...]
Complimentary Lunch & Learn Workshop
This Event Has Ended. Complimentary Lunch & Learn Workshop Managing Construction Delays Join Encore Group, July 17th, 2018 in Portland, WA. or July the 18th in Seattle, WA. for this complimentary lunch and learn Workshop to learn how to prepare for inevitable delays, identify delays when they occur, analyze delays and their impacts to your project, and resolve time extension requests. WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Project Executives Project Managers Superintendents Construction Managers