Reactive or Proactive Scheduling?
To many managers in the construction industry value is overshadowed by cost. By not seeing the value that planning and scheduling can bring to a project, 98% of the project budget may be placed at risk in order to save a few dollars of the overhead budget.
Construction Project Execution – Start with Experience
Advancements in technology continue to stretch construction programs and their managers. It sometimes seems that the technology has outpaced organizational capabilities to manage it.
P6 Video Series Training Manual

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Construction Scheduling Technology or Experience

managing not only larger and more sophisticated programs and projects but also the small project as well. It also presents new issues for organizations to deal with in implementing new systems and procedures. So, between Construction Scheduling Technology vs Experience – which is more important?

2 Rules for Resolving Construction Delays Part-1

2 Rules for Resolving Construction Delays. Avoiding delays is always preferable, however at times delays are inevitable. Planning for the possibility of encountering Construction Delays or Disputes should be fully considered. Here are the top .

4 Reasons Why Project Schedules Don’t Get Updated

Here we discuss 4 Reasons Why Project Schedules Don't Get Updated. Many owners don't insist, and many contractors don't bother with regular schedule updating. The problem is that a plan loses its value if it is not updated things never go exactly as planned, and if the schedule isn't regularly reviewed and updated, it will quickly become inaccurate and useless as a management tool.

3 Executive Strategies for Successful Project Execution
So much is written and discussed these days to help teams execute organizational objectives. It is not enough to have thorough knowledge of a particular strategy, and good intentions will not get the job done.
CPM Scheduling – Why a Project Roadmap Is So Important
P6 File Import Problem – Runaway POBS data solution
If your P6 XER export is taking extended amount of time to import, you are very likely experiencing the dreaded POBS bug.
4 ways to Maximizing your CPM Schedule

Having an effective time management and tracking system is essential for any project executive. While most everyone has a system, very frequently it is not an effective system, or not nearly as effective a system as it could be if properly implemented.