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Encore Celebrates Women in Construction Week: Meet Shoba Sathnur; her role as Office Manager is vital to our organization. Shoba’s tireless dedication and aptitude in Human Resources, Accounting, and Business Operations is essential to the entire Team.
Download Encore Group’s comprehensive Elecosoft Powerproject training guide, Introduction to Construction Scheduling with Powerproject. Get a hands-on learning experience by using this manual to follow along with our free Powerproject training video Build a Construction Schedule in Powerproject. Get an overview of what is covered in this training guide here.
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While many construction projects have skirted shutdowns in response to the Coronavirus, many if not most projects are experiencing impacts associated with these uncharted events.
The science of delay analysis is something you can learn in a book; the "art" comes from what is learned through practice. That's why it is important for delay experts to stay active in projects. Although I spend most of my time on the dispute resolution side of our business, my team is active on hundreds of projects at any given time and I try to keep one or two ongoing projects on my plate.
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