Asta Powerproject Case Study – Skanska

Asta Powerprject case study. Skanska, established in 1887, is one of the world’s leading project developmentand construction groups. The UK operation is one of the country’s topcontractors, employing over 5200 people and with revenues well over £1billion annually. Within its diverse business, Skanska delivers infrastructure services which span civils and public realm, rail, street lighting and highways maintenance. It has a long track record of building, maintaining and operating highways, and today delivers round-the-clock maintenance for roads, tunnels, and bridges, plus a comprehensive range of exterior and street lighting services, to county councils and the Highways Agency, amongst others.

The business of highways maintenance and street lighting management requires its planners to keep a very tight handle on all the different jobs that may be running simultaneously – but it also involves a high degree of repetitive work. To support this, Graham’s team utilises the multiuser and multi-project functionality of Asta Powerproject Enterprise.

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