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Asta Powerproject Case Study – Saunders Construction

Asta Powerproject has helped the rapidly growing construction firm adopt standardized scheduling practices and apply those to every job, regardless of size. The software’s ease of use, affordability, and robust feature-set designed for construction made it the logical choice to extend Saunders’ competitive advantage.

Colorado’s top commercial builder makes plans to staythat way

Saunders Construction is ranked byENR Magazine as one of the largestgeneral contractors in Colorado with440 staffers and annual billingstopping $450 million. The company hassteadily grown and taken on projects ofincreasing complexity since its foundingin 1972. Their clients come from adiverse mix of industries includinghealthcare, retail, manufacturing,religious, governmental, and K-12 andhigher education.With an increasing number of complexprojects running simultaneously, abetter, more systematic approachto scheduling was needed.

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