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Encore Group’s mission is to be the very best professional services firm in the world helping our clients minimize risk inherent to the construction process. We achieve our mission by constantly striving to attract and retain highly motivated and talented construction professionals. Encore Group professionals are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations and they thrive in an environment that provides opportunity for personal growth and rewards outstanding performance. Encore Group’s success is built on the success of each project and the satisfaction of every client. We recognize that a successful professional services firm is only as good as its people. We are proud to employ the best construction professionals in the world.

If you join Encore Group, you’ll be joining an organization that offers continuous opportunity for growth. Our strategy for continuous growth means exciting opportunities for everyone that works with us. Each one of our office locations offers a unique cultural experience that is comfortable and fulfilling for that specific team, yet there is a strong sense of allegiance and cooperation to be part of the Encore way of business across our organization. Our professionals grow in technical, experiential and business savvy and have a deep sense of ownership in their part of a project.

We are seeking young professionals who want to grow in one of the most exciting aspects of the construction industry.

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[st_icon name="icon: star" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"] Las Vegas, NV [st_icon name="icon: map-marker" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"]2380 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy Ste 100 Henderson NV, 89052 [st_icon name="icon: user" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"]Amanda Stanek [st_icon name="icon: phone" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"](702) 373-8740
[st_icon name="icon: star" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"]Honolulu, HI [st_icon name="icon: map-marker" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"] 733 Bishop Street
Suite 1820 Makai Building
Honolulu, HI. 96813 [st_icon name="icon: user" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"]Justin Kirschner [st_icon name="icon: phone" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"](702) 806-7305
[st_icon name="icon: star" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"]Houston, TX [st_icon name="icon: map-marker" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"]519 N Sam Houston Parkway E. Suite 155 Houston, TX. 77060 [st_icon name="icon: user" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"]Will Sparks [st_icon name="icon: phone" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"](512) 653-0101
[st_icon name="icon: star" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"] San Francisco, CA [st_icon name="icon: user" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"]Dan Johnson [st_icon name="icon: phone" size="icon-2" color="#b5142f" align="ss-left"](831) 465-4403